House rules

Entering the outdoor area (including minigolf area and boat area) may be restricted due to bad weather conditions (rain, storm, low temperatures, snow).

Dos and don´ts:

Food allowed to bring in: cake, fruits and vegetables (Other food like sandwiches, hamburgers or pizza is not allowed). No food or drinks on playground area (just at the partyrooms or at the bistro). For using our playground, sportswear preffered. No Shoes on playground (Just socks, ballet shoes or equal – socks with rubbersole preffered) If needed, you can buy them at the entrance If possible the clothes shouldn´t have zippers, buttons etc. It´s just better for safety of kids. No Jewelery. Bad behaviour, bothering others, hitting, pushing other kids or throwing things are reasons for being kicked out of the building. Parents are responsible for their children. Vehicles are just to move in “driving areas”. No smoking, no alcoholic drinks. We offer special “smoking areas”. We hope with this rules, you and your child will spend a wonderful day at our KSSF.


Entering our park and using the toys is happening at your own risk. Advices from our staff need to be followed. Parents are responsible for their children and accept these terms of usement by entering our facility.